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How The Trump Saved Christmas

Every Christian in Rightville liked Christmas a lot...
But the Liberals, who lived left of Rightville, did NOT!
They wanted to swap it for "holiday season"!
And Rightvillers knew that they knew the true reason:
It wasn't about a desire to be broad;
It wasn't to make it so none were ignored;
Those Liberals were out to destroy their religion
Beginning by banning their bestest tradition!
What next? It was surely a slippery slope
From “Warm Season’s Greetings!” to loss of all hope.
There’d be boys dressed in pink! Girls playing with trucks!
And both made to study that “theory” of Chuck’s;
While restrooms would sink into free-for-all madness,
And teens would know how to use condoms for badness,
And most of each hard-work-earned dollar would go
Towards helping the lazy die slightly more slow.
Now the Trump, in his tower, gazed out on the land
Thinking, “How can I make myself EVEN MORE grand?”
So he looked down on Rightville, and saw their distress
With the Liberals who’d …