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Things What I Learnt at University 2: Back in the Hood

I wrote recently about my university days – lessons learned (and unlearned), people met, struggles faced (or fled). Except of course, in spite of my undergraduate malaise, those days haven't technically finished yet ... I've just moved from one university to another, switched fields, raised my qualification level, and meandered recklessly into perpetual postdoctoralism.

Still, change has this way of happening around me and at me in spite of my best efforts to avoid it. And this season is one of endings and new beginnings in the group where I work – including talk of an en masse removal from the uni building we've been based in since before I joined to some off-site offices just down the road.

In nostalgic tribute (though the latest is I'm staying put anyway), here is a poem – the first sonnet that I wrote and liked (marking my graduation from limericks to more advanced forms), as well as the first of many lyric musings inspired by the building's plenitude of maint…