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She does make exceedingly good cakes...

Her children rise up and called her blessed... (Proverbs 31:28)

A character almost as sure to put in an appearance on Mother's Day as Father Christmas at Christmas or the Easter Bunny at Easter is the Proverbs 31 Woman. And, just like Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny, she is often invoked as an inducement towards good behaviour – albeit among adult women craving approval, rather than children craving Hatchimals (I'm told) and chocolate.

She is quite something, this 'woman of valour' (as described by her would-be mother-in-law): trustworthy, hardworking, resourceful, loving, kind ... a profitable businesswoman, a respected and effective people manager, a compassionate minister of charity ... well-toned, well-dressed, good-humoured, wise ... an all-round praiseworthy wife and mum.

Quite something. Quiiiite ... yeeaah, oh dear, I really do have quite some way to go to begin to match up. As for other women of my acquaintance – well, even those you'd think would fe…

A Council of Biblical Women

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhoodis an evangelical Christian organisation established in 1987 "primarily to help the church defend against the accommodation of secular feminism" (see Mission Statement). They remain committed to actively promoting what is described as a "complementarian" view on gender issues, identities, roles and relationships, which they believe to be the Biblically correct one. Key features are the affirmation of male headship and of traditional domestic roles for women.
Once upon a time I would've taken up their message with earnest credence. I too want my life to be shaped by God's truth and not the world's latest ideology, and Grudem and Piper et al. are able to quote chapter and verse with a confidence that a younger me was apt to find compelling. But over the years, as I studied and came to know and love the Bible more and more for myself, I began to seriously question many of the supposedly "obvious" infer…