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Wondering at the Cross


            Later, there would be doctrine.

            After whispers and mayhem;
            After dinner in a locked room and a show of hands;
            After “mass hallucinations”, private consultations,
            Promises and re-commissions;
            After sea and sand and sunrise,
            And a parting in the clouds.

            After fire falling, filling, overspilling;
            Raging and enraging;
            After news and bread and bodies breaking.

            We would tell our stories, and again,
            And get them straight;
            Repeated words, half-heard before, would ring,
            Would gather meaning;
            Ancient writ would be appropriated, scandalously.

            We would write an awful lot of letters,

            Then and there, however, there was only death:
            The murder in broad daylight of a loved one
            At the hands of cowards and careerists
            And by popular demand.