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A Bible in one hand, a smartphone in the other

A poem about, among other things, the importance of biblical literacy.


            You warned me to keep quiet.
            Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic,
            You explained.
            My soul depended on it.

            Don’t be so hysterical, you said.
            There were no actual cages,
            And the youngest were already crawling.
            Romans 13.

            Violence on many sides,
            For all have sinned, you emphasised;
            And God so loved the world...
            It’s there in black and white.

            You urged forgiveness –
            Who are we to judge?
            The faults and tumults of the past
            Are no-one’s business.

            Exodus, in chapter 22
            Affirms the right to keep and bear,
            You exegeted,
            As the students laid their tributes.

            Peace within; security, prosperity –
            You raised the walls
            Of biblical antiquity,
            And …