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I'll tell you what it's like

Cf. Like leaven
Like mildew
Like wildfire
Like plague
Like a rash
Like a rumour
Like rot
Like a swarm
Like an army
Like sickness
Like termites
Like lice
Like a stench
Like dementia
Like damp
Like a yawn
Like a snake bite
Like gangrene
Like cancer
Like muck
Like moths
Like an oil spill
Like acid
Like rust
Like infection
Like locusts
Like bindweed
Like mould
Like decay
It is coming
Life.Carolyn Whitnall, 2016.

So, I've been reading Leviticus lately, with some help from John Goldingay [1]. In case you're unfamiliar, it's the one with all the obscure and problematic rules and rituals that Christians like to pretend don't exist and that Richard Dawkinset al. like to quote.

The book collects together a set of sometimes seemingly-absurdly specific instructions for the Levitical priests and for Israel as a Yahweh-worshipping community. On closer inspection, it is interesting to notice the effect of the practices it commands in emphasising certain clear distinction…