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Believing Women

A poem that I wrote for the Sophia Network blog around this time last year...

REHEARD The witnesses were inadmissible:
Gossips; pedlars of idle tales;
Adam's deceivers ever since the Fall;
The first found weighed and wanting in the scales.
It's true they'd been around, had followed close
Upon the tear-stained heels that later bled;
They'd even put up funds and played as hosts,
As students, too, and filled each little head.
But his appearing to them? — deeming they
Should greet the new dawn first, and first be sent!
And yet, this was — had always been — his way.
The case submits it was no accident
That, at the crux where all things re-began,
Believing women brought good news to man. Carolyn Whitnall, 2016.

Variously culturally stereotyped as hysterical, manipulative, ignorant and/or irrational, women at many times and in many places have faced a disproportionate struggle to be taken seriously. Female experts experience greater scrutiny of their credentials and work than…