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I live in the UK with my husband and we try to follow Jesus. I have a job researching “something to do with computers, sort of". I write because I am an introverted external processor with a lot to learn. But I love it if/when the product of that encourages or entertains or challenges other people. And I (aspire to) welcome feedback and challenge in turn, so do drop me a line if you have thoughts. (Hopefully the site’s comment functionality is working properly these days, or find me on Twitter).

I've journeyed quite a lot since I started on here. In particular, I wasn’t a feminist then and I am now. And I’m not done learning yet. So the older the post, the less likely it is to reflect where I'm currently at.

I think my writing has also begun to develop for the better. I’d especially like to get good at poetry -- a medium which (in the words of Phyllis Trible) “invites, but does not compel, insight”. Every now and then I make something that feels too “proper” to blog, and I have a go at submitting it to proper-ish places (which typically don’t want poems that have been self-published on personal websites). But most of them end up on here eventually.

Thank you for stopping by!