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A State of Mind

I'm 'hanging on in there' a bit more than usual at the moment. Poetry seems to be happening, though, which is nice. If things are quiet-ish on here for a while, those might be the reasons.


Hold … it …
         You’ve found the secret of eternity;
         Your belly button pulling in towards your spine,

         Eyes set forward, face like flint,
         As seeming poised as you can seem to be,
         Remembering to breathe.

         Big Ben rings in the evening news.
         Whole empires rise and fall between
         Each pre-recorded chime

         (The real Ben for now is tongue-tied);
         Famines and tectonic shifts and wars,
         While you do battle with yourself.

         So focus on the headlines;
         Keep your head in line,
         And inattentive to the snivel of your core.

         Ten seconds more …
And … rest. At last. For now.
         Tomorrow, it will be a fraction easier.

Carolyn Whitnall, 2018.

How long, Lord? Will you fo…